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24Knews Forum Rules

Postby Pixel8r » Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:46 am

24Knews Forum Rules

We are a friendly bunch here, but we need some rules to keep the place good for everyone. If anyone would like any additional rules to be considered please use this topic to request.

  1. Do not post porn, adverts or attach pirate software/music/video. Doing so will result in being warned and the post deleted on the first occasion and banned on the second. If your first post after registration ignores this rule you will be instantly banned.
  2. No flaming, name calling, or generally being lame. If someone is verbally abusive towards you, be an adult and ignore the other person. You can also report a post to the moderator by clicking this image Image at the top right of the post in question. This is not real life, and all the name calling in the world will not settle your argument.
  3. Copyright: Please do not cut and paste full articles, rather a small extract with a link to the website. For a guide on how to post articles take a look here.
  4. Please try to use image hosting services rather than the attachment system. For how to do it please see this thread.
  5. Please try to avoid duplicate threads.
  6. For any personal comments about other members or the way the board is being run please use the members only section.
  7. Guests have read only access to the public access forum. To post you now need to register, due to spammers.
  8. On application please give a reasonable reason for your application to the site to be accepted. This is a measure to stop spammers and is for the good of the site and it's users.
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