Death by Pollution.

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Death by Pollution.

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We know that big Corps exploit, but I hadn't realised how bad Mexico is in this modern age. A long, disturbing, article.
We stayed some time in the Lake Chapala area.

Toxic water in Mexico

Just breathing the fumes of pesticides and glyphosate coming off Mexico’s largest freshwater lake, and one of the top expat destinations, Lake Chapala is causing kidney failure, deaths, birth defects and neurological damage to the children.

According to a report from Reuters, pesticides evaporating from the lake are breathed by the population and this is causing children all along the shores of the lake to die from kidney failure. There are also birth defects such as heart defects, club feet, malformed hands, and neurological damage, the children can’t even color within the lines at an age where they should be doing this. More than half of the school children have damaged kidneys, and only one in 6 demonstrates healthy cognitive development according to a study done by the University of Guadalajara. The research found significant attention and memory deficits among local children with many struggling with fine motor skills used for drawing, writing and eating.

The rivers of Mexico are largely open sewers contaminated with industrial waste, chemicals, raw sewage, runoff of pesticides, and chemical fertilizers, herbicides such as Roundup or glyphosate, a known carcinogen, heavy metals and chemicals used in mining such as mercury.

Mexico has some of the toughest environmental laws on the pollution of rivers but they are simply not enforced. This lack of enforcement is in part due to no governmental agencies actively inspecting industrial facilities along with corruption.

Factories are always located on a river, to get rid of the waste. If they build a waste water treatment facility which is expensive to operate and maintain, most of the time it is simply bypassed until an inspection is announced and the toxins wind up in the river untreated. When detected, “fines” or extortion will be imposed and all is forgiven.

In the case of the Lerma River which eventually dumps into Lake Chapala, it flows through five states receiving the toxic waste of almost nine thousand factories.

In 2008 an eight year old boy named Miguel was kicking a ball with his friends alongside the Lerma River in northwestern Mexico. The ball rolled into the water and when he stepped into the water to retrieve it, he fell in. After grabbing the ball he immediately got out. Later that night Miguel began to vomit. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he fell into a coma, eighteen days later he died and the cause was determined to be arsenic poisoning, just from that brief encounter with the water, imagine showering in poorly treated water daily and inhaling this.
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