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Cosigo Resources Ltd.

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Bought these years back and it sounded promising. Then the share got delisted and shares were priced at zero. Now many years later it looks like it is about to be relisted and started back up. Interesting times. :D

Hi Everyone:

After years of hard work, commitment and unyielding confidence, Andy Rendle with the support from the Board of Directors both strategically and financially, and with some tactical help from close associates like Bob Hoye, myself, and several other industry professionals, Cosigo will commence trading on Monday, April 25th.

I am sure this will be a huge relief for you, and we all owe Andy a huge vote of congratulations for his dedication and perseverance.

Some of you will hold, some will sell and some may even buy a little more. I would say that will be based on what price it trades at over the next few months.

When CSG was delisted, I am sure a lot of pain and disappointment was felt by all and no doubt some of that was understandably directed at those of us who were on the management team at the time… but believe me, we felt the pain too.

However, one fact that never changed was our belief that Cosigo held at least one tremendous asset in Machado – which has tremendous potential value that has yet to be established by way of a proper exploration program designed by professional geologists and not restricted by some Euro-funded NGO environmentalists.

For the past six years I have been and remain… fully committed to Teuton Resource where I have the pleasure of working with Pres/CEO Dino Cremonese, with the support of Eric Sprott our largest shareholder, as we work to continue growing Teuton into Canada’s most exciting and successful Prospect generator.

But I do still have a large position in Cosigo and I have great confidence in management’s ability to execute a professional exploration program to establish Machado’s value.

I thank you all for your endurance and patience, and I sincerely wish you all the very best going forward.

Barry Holmes

Former Cosigo VP Business Development and Investor Relations
"Money is Gold, and nothing else"
(As John Pierpont Morgan once stated under oath before the USCongress and the Pujo Commission in 1912)
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