Del Bigtree: The Highwire

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Del Bigtree: The Highwire

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An interesting comment on Rumble;
Mr. Bigtree, first of all, thank you for all that you do. I'm a big fan and deeply respect you. Thank you for this broadcast with Dr. Cole. For at least a year, I've been following the issue of tracking technology in the jabs, since I heard Dr. Vladimir Zelenko pointing to Bill Gates patents on the tracking technology. I am not ready to abandon the possibility of this technology in the jabs, despite what Dr. Cole presented. I see glaring holes in his research. What I have been able to gather is that Dr. Cole used the wrong method of mass spectrometry. Please interview Dr. Pablo Campra PhD (from Madrid). He demonstrated already that there are indeed self-assembling Graphene chips in the so-called vaccines. One of the flaws of Dr. Cole's work examining the slides under microscopes was simply time. Researchers do not merely take samples from the "vaccine" viles and look at them under a microscope. They provide time (with electromagnetic frequency exposure) for the structures to assemble as well. Dr. Cambra used a very specific mass spectrometry method (RAMAN technique) for picking-up the Graphene, which I don't believe Dr. Cole used. There're too many statements from the WEF that the pandemic facilitated tracking under the skin. This makes me more inclined to believe Graphene is there. While I like Dr. Cole, is it possible he has an agenda? I know you trust him, but can you be sure? Do YOU have a way to independently verify his results? There are many other eminent scientists and researchers who are finding evidence of self assembling chips which are distinguishable from CHOLESTEROL molecules. Del Bigtree, if you are truly focused on science, which I believe you are, then you should not fear having other scientists on to rebut Dr. Cole's results, correct? If you are not willing to do that, then you draw into question your own unbiased stance, correct? If Dr. Cole is a true scientist, he also should not fear debate or someone poking holes in his conclusions.
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